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Mobile Developement

Mobile Developement

The team at CosMic-IT is focused on providing the best end-to-end solutions to our clients and offering top-notch innovation-fitting companies of all sizes from different domains.

In the digital world, everyone is available online, anywhere, anytime, and connected by mobile devices. Mobile technologies are rapidly evolving into a transforming force, a target medium that changes the rules of engagement for any company that wants to stay connected with those involved and consumers. In view of the constantly growing need to have almost all of the content of the Internet available on the mobile devices at all times, we have prepared ourselves for the provision of Android / iOS app versions of our web-based applications.

At CosMic-IT we have created and implemented comprehensive mobility solutions for large, medium-sized and small companies. We extend this ability to design, develop and deploy integrated mobile solutions to provide you with a seamless ecosystem that spans distances, devices and distribution models. We have also developed app versions from our customers' websites to meet the needs of business processes and user experiences that can be better handled on mobile devices.

We offer development services for Android / iOS applications through our remote development centers. We mainly focus on the development of Android applications for business applications.

  • Android / iOS application development
  • Android / iOS business application development
  • Android - / - iOS application developer
  • Customer satisfaction first.
  • Native Android App Development
  • Our professional team extension services are designed to help you rapidly scale your team, transition to agile development methodology, and improve your time-to-market to meet your mobility goals. We offer on-site, off-site, or hybrid engagement options depending on your requirements.
  • Our mobile app design services are integrated with product strategy and development, and include concepting and ideation, wireframes and user flows, UI and UX design and final polish. Our apps have received a variety of industry design awards, including Webbys, W3 awards, and Creativity International awards.

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